TOGAF 9 - Enterprise Architecture Training - Day 3

October 6, 2011 . . Comments
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It is getting better..keeping in mind last two days, today it was easy to sit thru for 8 long hours for the Day 3 (you kind of get used to this after two days of practice :) )

Some new stuff which I found interesting today.
  1. Stakeholder Analysis - analyzing the attitudes of stakeholders and the result of this is a Stakeholder Map. Read more here and here.
  2. COBIT - A IT Governance framework
  3. ATAM - Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) is a risk-mitigation process used early in the software development life cycle.
  4. Value Chain Diagram- Management mumbo-jumbo :) 
The modules covered today:
Module 9 - Architecture Governance
Module 10 - Business Scenarios
Module 11 - Stakeholder Management 
Module 12 - Views and Viewpoints (something similar like 4+1 views in RUP but more exhaustive )
Module 13 - Building Blocks
Module 14 - Architecture Implementation Techniques
Module 15 - Phase A - Architecture Vision

Tommorow is another early start..
Until next time..

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