TOGAF 9 - Enterprise Architecture Training - Day 5

October 8, 2011 . . Comments
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Finally TOGAF™ 9 training got completed yesterday - 5 days - information overload :) .

Day 5 covered the remaining modules.

Module 24 - Phase E - Opportunities and Solutions
Module 25 - Phase F - Migration Planning
Module 26 - Phase G - Implementation Goverance
Module 27 - Phase H - Architecture Change Management
(That completest the ADM cycle..but there were few other modules)
Module 28 - ADM Architecture Requirement Management
Module 29 - Architecture Partitioning (Very interesting chapter)
Module 30 - Adapting the ADM : Iteration and Levels
Module 31 - Adapting the ADM : Security (Another interesting one)
Module 32 - Adapting the ADM : SOA
Module 33 - Architecture Maturity Models 
Module 34 - Architecture Skills Framework

It is highly un-likely anybody can master TOGAF™ 9 and it is not expected also. It's a team effort. Wisdom comes over time, age and experience.

Interesting stuff I found:
National Informatics Centre (NIC) is a premiere S & T institution of the Government of India uses TOGAF for its EA. Check the outline of the case study here.
NASCIO security framework  
Volere Requirements Specification Template 
First Order Logic to specify security kind of requirements 

TOGAF™ 9 certification coming up next ..keeping my fingers crossed..

Until next time..

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