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March 27, 2013 . personal . Comments
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Happy Holi folks !

It has been a while that I have updated the blog. Its probably lack of time :) also more of procastination.

Anyway, past couple of months have been eventful. Workwise I was busy - but otherwise also there were few interesting stuff.

I happen to attend the Agile India 2013 Conference for couple of days. I attended the Technical track. Experience was so-so. Could have been better. As usual - great keynotes by Venkat and Neal. I really enjoyed "Driven To Tests" session by Kevlin Henney. Absolute fantastic sessions by Henrik Kniberg. Very helpful with lots of practical tips improving the existing process and become more agile. In future - if you get a chance then please don't miss Henrik's Everybody Wants Change, but Nobody Likes to Be Changed . Super helpful.

Key takeaways (what I can remember :-) )

  • Functional programming is the in-thing.
  • Writing better quality code has become even more important.
  • Doing TDD (Think/Test Driven Development) is an art and it comes by experience.
  • What works from somebody or someteam might not work for you. Experiment and improvise
  • Taking risks is good. The greatest risk is not taking risk.
  • Estimations are always made up numbers.
  • etc

Good news. I and (few of my colllegues) caught up with Venkat after one of his talks, invited to spend a day with us. He readily agreed. #super-excited. The event is planned on a Saturday (April 13th) at AppDev GGN and the agenda looks great - Will keep posted.

We also conducted Developer Days in the office (March 8th). Developer days are for developers :) - start the day with breakfast and end the day with beer in the evening. No project work, no meetings #joy

It is fatastic to hear fellow developers speak and share on latest technologies (Node, Angular, HTML5 offline, Rubymotion, Clojure etc). I really enjoyed it. By the way, I presented on the Clojure - a short intro to stir the interest in Clojure. Here are the slides.

More Good news.. One more agile conference. This one by AppDev. My dear collegues in office conducted an Agile conference- Being Agile 2013 . Lots of effort was put in making this an successful event. External speakers + Internal speakers made it super awesome. Do checkout the agenda.

Firm IT AppDev is one kind of large start-up. Great folks to work with, great technology options, great leadership team. #happy-to-be-here

Last but not least - I was in Jakarta for half a week on a business visit. Meeting new client. My first trip to Indonesia. It is pretty hot and crowded place. I enjoyed my stay

Until next time...



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